Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When You're Headed Down Hill, It Gets Faster Near the Bottom

Once again I fail to deliver on my promise that this blog will be about the arts, but I have a really good excuse.  School is almost out.  I can feel it in my bones.  My students can feel it in their adrenaline levels.  They're bouncing off the walls, rattling the bars, demanding freedom.  I know there are certain things we need to do before the school year is out, but I'll be honest, I know how they feel.  I look longingly across the room at my electric piano, my oil pastels, heck, even my Beatles Rock Band instruments.  No time for artistry in this last week and a half it would seem (too busy blogging, I guess).  The spring concert for the elementary and middle schoolers and the spring musical for the high schoolers have both been completed successfully.  Most of the big projects and milestones we've worked toward have passed and we're counting the days.

Except for graduation.

My husband will be graduating a week from Saturday with his Masters of Divinity and I couldn't be happier for his achievement, which will mean that we actually get to see other more than twice a week (maybe.  He is a minister, after all).  In 3 days my first baby will "graduate" from kindergarten, cap and gown and all.  I have trouble believing this.  How can he be graduating?  I just brought him home from the hospital!  But that's okay.  I'm used to him shocking me with signs of how old he really is.  There's a more serious shock than even this on the way.  Next Thursday my other babies graduate high school.  Or most of them do.  The kids that were fledgling 6th graders in chorus when I was a brand new teacher are going out into the wide world to find fame and fortune.  College awaits to, as Bill Cosby said, "Give them a running start before they hit the wall".  I told several of my colleagues at the performance last Friday, "Just about the time they get really good, I have to give them away to other people."  This is true.  They hit their personal bests last Friday and now I have to let them go.  I can only hope that they will use what they have learned to go on to even greater things.  I'm bound to have a hard time keeping back the tears next week as these wonderful young people go boldly forth to blaze new trails.  I'm sure Friday will be an emotional day as they visit around to say goodbyes.  But then, Saturday will be the first day of summer break, and well...

Beatles Rock Band is waiting.

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